Cannabis cures cancer

21 Sep

In medical media about the therapeutic effects of cannabis are changing the tone through the times — someone from the luminaries of science finds a “grass” is another useful property, certain other arguments refuted sensation published two or three times before.

Another putting commas in a dilemma “to execute cannot be pardoned” for the alleged medical properties of popular herbal potions. At present two major hemp varieties biologically active component is highly addictive psychoactive tetrahydrocannabinol and cannabidiol (CBD), is not an addiction, but demonstrates antipsychotic and protivokonvul′sivnyj effects.

Researchers from the California Pacific Medical Center, San Francisco, even five years ago, in vitro experiments have found that CANNABIDIOL (CBD) inhibits the proliferation of tumor cells of breast cancer. Last year, doctors in California have published a story about the study, which tracked a similar effect kannabidiola on laboratory mice.

Now, scientists report, though willing to talk about further experiments on animals, confirmed the miraculous properties of marijuana. And tell that they have developed a model and test conditions identified by the peculiarities of the anti-cancer actions of CANNABIDIOL (CBD) on living people. Doctors expect to test the effectiveness of kannabidiola in a cocktail of traditional remedies for chemotherapy. In such cases, nothing is done without the knowledge of the patient, i.e. ladies suffering worst breast tumors will have to give its consent to a trial treatment of alkaloids of marijuana.

Once Professor Despre found that metastasis of breast cancer plays the role of a protein called ID-1. In turn, Dr. Mcallister found that CBD has anti-cancer potential. Doctor and Professor teamed up to try to heal the “triple-negative”, an aggressive form of breast cancer. This form of the disease occurs in 15% of patients, very reluctantly gives in to therapy, and in the cells of the “triple-negative” cancer contains many proteins ID-1.

When the researchers treated cancerous cells of kannabidiolom, they were surprised; the cells not only ceased to be a young, dynamically developing company, but returned to normal healthy condition. It turned out that the CBJ has excess protein expression of ID-1, leaving the affected mutation the cells stopped the resettlement in various tissues of the body. High levels of ID-1 are also seen in tumors of patients with different forms of leukemia, lung cancer, ovarian cancer and brain.

Dr. Despre has special meaning to their research as quickly as possible — his sister, 41, is sick of the aggressive form of breast cancer. While that helps her hormone therapy, but projected optimism soon will end because the patient’s tumor cells lack the hormonal receptors. Currently, hemp, including “medical” — with a high content of CBD, is a prohibited drug, which cannot store, donate or sell.

It is believed that prolonged uncontrolled use of cannabis causes schizophrenia. In California, where drug policies regarding marijuana quite loyal, experimenting with therapeutic use of this powerful psihotropa are not the first year. With varying degrees of success.

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