16 Sep

It remains incomprehensible thing: amulets were powerful force because they were inscribed the names or the names of protected because they were put on the amulet? Let us try to understand this.

In the ancient Syrian amulet, come down to our time, were inscribed the names of the three angels, winning demon. Uttering these names magically distilled off and conjured evil spirits. These sacred names, and spells, spoken over the affected power angels demon possessed spared from the power of the unclean. So, the magician cured son of the Babylonian king Nebuchadnezzar using a single amulet with sacred names of angels. This shows that the cause of strength amulet hidden names.

Notogda another question arises: how the magician could not know these names? In ancient magical books written by different cultures, the demons, as the light of day from the darkness themselves often give away their fears before the angels. You can also try to extort from these demon names. Amulets


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