Alaska – the mysterious peninsula

29 Sep

AlaskaPurchased Alaska from suggested the 17th U.S. President Andrew Johnson. At the meeting of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Russian Empire, on this subject, personally attended Alexander II. Since the arguments of those who insist on selling the peninsula, the emperor is fully accepted.

Agreed to the Emperor Alexander II, but not Catherine II, in what the Soviet people were confident in the 60’s and 70’s of the last century.

Then we constantly heard that Catherine has put Americans in Alaska, 99-year leases. Is this true? No! Peninsula because “change of nationality” in 1867, and Catherine the Great died in 1796.
Thus, Russia has made the deal, earning her 7.2 million rubles. What was the reason for this decision? Money? Unlikely. Often, the imperial government was spending on the war in order to seize foreign territory much larger amount. Here, rather, be seen not so much the desire to get money for Alaska as the desire not to spend it on exploration and development of such a distant site. Besides Alaska Peninsula then seemed unpromising, but to protect the northern edge of this needed to keep the fleet at its shores. But Russia was not then to such military concerns. Not long ago, she suffered from the British defeat in the Crimean War. A British – merchants, hunters, manufacturers and fans of adventure – in Alaska accumulate more and more. Here typed critical mass, there will be some trifling quarrel, and the United Kingdom will bring the troops to the peninsula “to protect its citizens.” No, better to sell the land than to lose it for nothing, and with shame.

“Ice chest”
But, as it turned out, in America, not all wanted to annex Alaska, or, as it is called, “an ice chest.” President had to spend a lot of effort to convince the senators to approve the treaty. Ratified it, after all, was but a margin of just one vote.
So, if a very brief presentation of the history, it looks today in many sources.
So why then in the Soviet time, voices were heard that the rent of Alaska is about to end, and Americans will be required to return it to us? And why the Soviet Union at the same time did not require Alaska back?
Here there is a lot of conflicting information. Let’s try to understand them – drew attention to the basic version of events.

The first version
In the twilight of the Communist era, when the Soviet Union there were rumors that Alaska was put out, it was easier to answer the question, why is America does not return it to us? After all, we have heard: “At one time, the imperial government had borrowed a large sum from America. When, after the Revolution, Americans demanded its return, the Soviet Union said, “The money you took the king, but with him and ask, and we to the king’s regime have nothing to do.” And now, when it is time to return Alaska, Americans say took the land leased from the king, he it and they come back. ”

The second version
Not a collection of anecdotes, and in several publications can be read is puzzling “fact.” Supposedly by mistake in the documents about renting instead of “for ever” written “forever.” So leased to Alaska forever was assigned to the United States.

Third version
Russia has not handed over Alaska in rent, but it sold it. But, even if the initiators of the deal, the Americans at the same time feared that the powerful and very aggressive at that time England will rob them of the peninsula.
That’s America to Russia and came up with a cunning cover: make fake paper on rent. Additionally there was a secret document and the rule in which the parties testified that no lease exists. But promulgated by the agreements is that, if anything, to defend Alaska will not only America, but also interested in her return to Russia. This ensured that the British attack on the peninsula will not. Alone, the United Kingdom, most likely would have won both Russia and America. But the war on two fronts was for her not do. Moreover, the British understood: in this situation, to join her enemies and those countries that have to Britain had serious claims.

Fourth version
No fictitious contracts and other nonsense was not. America got us to Alaska in rent for 99 years. The term has long passed, and Americans must return to us the peninsula. So why not return? Like if they do not want to do that. But after all, we were not born yesterday. Payback Period for Alaska came under Brezhnev.
Then the Soviet Union presented itself as a great military power. Could pobryatsat and threatening weapons, and destroying Americans nerves through various international organizations. But nothing happened. Several publications have tried to speak about this, but judging by the condition comes immediately lull, they were ordered to such a subject is no longer affected.
For those who are younger, explaining that in Soviet times, no current liberties in the press was not allowed. Thought for all parties. Not share her thoughts – welcome to prison.
According to this version, the following happened. In 1917, the Bolsheviks came to power. But it had to be more and hold it. A weapon was missing. Money to purchase it had, in fact been captured gold stocks, banks, private funds and property of wealthy citizens. But Western countries have banned the sale of arms to the Bolsheviks. Then Lenin proposed the abolition of the U.S. embargo against claims of Russia’s refusal to return to Alaska. At the same time Russia and gave the Americans all the documents of sale.
During the Great Patriotic War, during the famous meeting at Yalta, Stalin suddenly announced that the Soviet Union, most likely, will not insist on the return of Alaska. Americans have understood it correctly, because Stalin could not know that Lenin long ago returned all documents. So, the leader of all peoples just hinted:
“Not really hinder us in the distribution of spheres of influence after the victory, and then we will find something to complain about.”
Most likely, this is the most correct explanation of events.

Versions are numerous, but let’s see whether they have for us now is not historical, but it is political.
If Alaska was actually sold, it would, no doubt, belongs to the United States. If its rented fictitious and there is documentation fictitious transaction, it still is legal in America. However, let’s say, it’s all speculation, and Alaska was unreservedly put it in the lease. But after all the leaders of the Soviet Union, guided by certain interests, twice abandoned. So, we have no claims to the United States can not be. And like there is now no chance for Russia to return Alaska. But who knows? ..
In November 2005, at a time when it became clear that the U.S. is brewing economic crisis, a famous American columnist Steven Pearlstein offered to return Alaska to Russia (not free, of course): “If we get over this territory a trillion dollars, significantly weaken the blow, that we are facing. I called this amount is not accidental. It consists of an infrastructure created by the United States, stocks of copper, natural gas, oil, residues of the Klondike gold mines, the great forests, a huge amount of water and a very large land area. ”
Now the U.S. economy because of its huge foreign debt again to look for a way out. And then probably again and again repeated the same situation. So we can not be sure that one day we do not go offer to buy Alaska.

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