2040 cars with a driver may disappear from the roads

26 Sep

carThe world will be unmanned. This information is contained in the forecast of experts from the International Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers.

According to scientists, any innovations in the field of transport in the first place have difficulty creating an infrastructure for their use. In the case of vehicles, drones these obstacles will not, experts say, as new infrastructure is not required – just existing roads.

Scientists believe that the traffic lights and road signs will disappear in the future, as they are only important for drivers and vehicles equipped with sensors, drones do not need them. Road junctions and intersections of the future, experts said of the IEEE, will be equipped with sensors, cameras and radar that will effectively manage road traffic and help prevent accidents.

Experts also believe that the drones and regular cars will go on different bands – this will help uncover more effective energy-saving potential of self-cars, and possibly increase the speed limit on the roads of the future. Scientists do not exclude that the increase in the maximum permitted speed of 160 kilometers per hour in 2040 is likely.

According to experts from IEEE, cars are no longer personal property in 2040 – they will enjoy the different people on a rental basis as needed.

Previously, the benefits of car-drones supported scientists from Columbia University, USA. In their view, the use of cars with autopilot increase capacity lines at 273%.

The company currently has a valid Google project unmanned vehicles. The company is the first in the U.S. holder of a license to use the auto-pilot cars on public roads. In August, the company representatives said that drones Google already traveled more than 480,000 miles without hitting at the same in any accident.

Developments of autonomous vehicle control are also involved in the company BMW, Volkswagen, Cadillac, Volvo and Continental.


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