Science can now see even human being molecules

Scientists are provided the opportunity to review the structure of matter into smaller and smaller level.

For example, scientists have been able to see the human being molecules and even the trajectory of the electrons. Recently, scientists at IBM Research have published new images of molecules of the substance, details of which can be seen not only intra molecular interatomic bonds, but also to define “by eye” differences.
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Alien Spy-pending disaster earth

AlienAlien experiment that says a lot for what he is about to end. Observers from other worlds, apparently, nothing to do but to follow current catastrophic Earth changes and wait for the fatal outcome.

UFOs have always been present on the planet, but the advent of nuclear weapons made them dramatically expanded. “Upstairs” realized that earthly humanity entered a very dangerous stage of its development.
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Alaska – the mysterious peninsula

AlaskaPurchased Alaska from suggested the 17th U.S. President Andrew Johnson. At the meeting of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Russian Empire, on this subject, personally attended Alexander II. Since the arguments of those who insist on selling the peninsula, the emperor is fully accepted.

Agreed to the Emperor Alexander II, but not Catherine II, in what the Soviet people were confident in the 60’s and 70’s of the last century.
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On Earth at the same time there are two worlds

worldsThe world in which we live and which alone. But there is another world, hidden in the depths of the earth. About him we know mostly from fairy tales and legends. But sometimes the line between them suddenly collapses. And then on the surface splash strange creatures, strange, unpredictable. Luckily for the residents of our, the surface, the world, a connection between the two worlds are very rare.

One of the places that connect the aerial and underground worlds, is in Russia. It is famous among UFO Devil glade, lurking in the taiga forests of the Krasnoyarsk Territory.
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The slave rebellion among ants

AntsNotwithstanding centuries of waste plan of social parasitism, ants, slave owners often have to deal with unruly ants slaves who no longer take care of the manor posterity, if not kill the larvae of the owners.

We tend to think of ants as a tireless worker, working for the benefit of their own colony. However, unusually developed capacities for self-organization have led to the fact that many species of ants switched to a kind of social parasitism.
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Indian Ocean earthquake hint at a tectonic rift

Indian OceanOne more strong earthquakes that occurred in the Indian Ocean, April 11, 2012, may signal the final stage of formation of a new boundary between lithospheric plates.

Geological stress, tearing of the Indo-Australian plate, most likely, was the cause of earthquakes of magnitude 8.6 and 8.2, which are passed along numerous faults. Tremors continued for six days thereafter.
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Space Marines

GalaxyAccurately 300 years later, February 12, 1961 from the Baikonur commodore in the cold night sky rose booster “Lightning”, carrying farther from the Earth a little man-made miracle, designed to explore the infinite cosmos.

After a few hours of automatic interplanetary station (AWS) “Venus-1” lay on the course for the Morning Star. Unfortunately, the first attempt came out lumpy – the connection with the AMC has been lost, and the scientific program failed.
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Region appeared spiders species Argiopa

spiders A spider species Argiopa in the Nizhny Novgorod region. And nearby was seen and spider cocoon. Spider Argiopu called “indicators of global warming.”

Spider zebra. This spider is very easy to find on the abdomen, painted bright yellow and black alternating stripes. Most often, you can find the network argiopy the rocks by the sea, in small ditches and pits in the desert.
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Opens new galaxy in the early universe

GalaxyAstronomers from the “Johns Hopkins” believe that distant galaxy MACS 1149-JD was found at the time when she was about 200 million years. It is considered among the main galaxies, which have played an important role in the reionization – an event that marked the end of the universe, the so-called “dark ages.”

“In fact, the light in the universe appeared in the era of reionization,” – explains co-author Leonidas Moustakas, a researcher NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory, division California Institute of Technology in Pasadena, California.
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The Chinese will find the aliens in the next 20 years

Space exploration has become a national priority in China. At the opening of the General Assembly of the International Astronomical Union in Beijing, dean of the University of Hong Kong Professor Sun Kwok said that many of the living will witness the opening of extraterrestrial life.

Unexpected optimistic and certainly exciting to Chinese scientist present at the assembly. However, many scientists share this optimistic view and note that China may indeed be the leading astronomical power.
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