Wisdom of the elders

WisdomTwo people with the similar age can be very different. Age, of course, aging and provides the understanding of experience, but that age manifests differently in each individual. There are jovial elderly seniors who no longer have hope for nothing. Life is the great school of all but leaves scars and traces different depending on the character and how you react to events that happen to us.

Rate aging not only observes the wrinkles or marks of suffering experienced by each person, but to appreciate the ability to integrate with certain experiences or nurture harmony with the depth of the advice that these souls can give.

It is a mistake to connect only old age or youth with age. Clearly there are young people who are no longer having hope for nothing, and it is clear that there are young elderly which can learn a lot.

It is a grave error also associate wisdom with age. No it is wiser for being old. The wise old man is one who has taken the experience and is able to develop that knowledge and selflessly give it away with his advice.

Our society does not shine at the treatment provided to the elderly, usually chooses to send them away to nursing homes and so they do not bother.

A U.S. study found that, in primitive societies where people survived better, had more progress and better living conditions, which facilitated this situation was receiving treatment the elderly. They listened to his advice and had an important bearing on the decisions made, as researchers suggest Rachel Casper and Sang-Hee Lee, from the universities of Michigan and California at Riverside respectively.

In 2004 thirteen indigenous grandmothers from different parts of the world met in Phoenix, New York. They created the International Council of Thirteen Indigenous Grandmothers with the intention of expanding his message in this time of global crisis.

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