Vampires Highgate Cemetery

28 Aug

Vampires The celebrated Highgate Cemetery in London buried persons of royal blood, the bourgeois, the scientists.. Among the local “inhabitants” – the ideology of communism, Karl Marx and his family, the family of Charles Dickens (The remains of the writer at the behest of Queen Victoria was covered in Westminster Abbey), and even, according to rumors , bloodthirsty killer Jack the Ripper … And, of course, could not do without myths, sometimes quite incredible!

No wonder they say that you can not disturb the peace of the dead!  A bad story exhumation happened in 1907.  Tomb was opened some Thomas Drews, a merchant from Baker Street.  His family claimed that the name of the Duke of Portland buried Drews, an eccentric who lived a double life- Peerage of England and humble merchant.

Daughter-in-law and grandson of the deceased tried to prove their right to the inheritance of the Duke.  10 years they have sought approval to exhume.  When she.  Finally, was obtained as a result of the survey revealed that the remains have nothing to do with the family of the Dukes of Portland.  For participants in the stories all end in tears- some were imprisoned, others – in a lunatic asylum, and others were forced to flee the country.

Another example of a failed exhumation … When in 1954 the remains of the Marx family decided to move from one area to another cemetery, more prestigious, the Communists began befall one trouble after another- the Soviet Union was debunked the cult of Stalin, there was a revolt in Hungary, the gap between Soviet Union and China, and ended up a complete collapse of socialism…

In the last century burial in High gate stopped.  Now wildly cemetery, the old section where visitors rarely, overgrown with grass, there were hedgehogs and even foxes, which are rarely found in the city limits … Boris Akunin in his book “Cemetery History” writes• Even in the daytime there reigns absolute, unnatural silence.  Old trees are so closely shifted their crown, which is a few steps away from the mall contours tombstones are lost in the shadows.  You go and physically feel the gaze of many eyes.

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