The world’s most dangerous road

01 Aug

dangerous wayA road three miles extended and three feet wide hanged more than 100 meters from the bottom of a gorge and allow macerate for the basics for a century. The result is a place that can only be described as frightening. Demolished, with the ground full of holes and missing long stretch, without any railing which protects a void that threatens to abduct who runs, elusive, under threat of falling rocks and an entry in which, there are literally that hung from the vacuum, the risk in this way fascinates the world.

Attracted by his vertigo, people around the world come to El Chorro, which is locked so unique journey. Several have fallen vacuum his death contributing to the legend of the world’s most dangerous road.

A century on hold
Maintenance needs of the jumps and jet Gaitanejo forced the company to build hydroelectric jet between 1901 and 1905 between the access through the gorge of the Gaitanes, Betic Cordillera, Malaga. Four years it took to clear a path along the eight miles of the throat open by the river Guadalhorce, which shows two constrictions with an open area between them. The situated on the south side is the most spectacular of the two.

Two decades later, in 1921, built the dam Conde del Gualhorce. The inauguration of this, for the time, work went farónica himself king of Spain, Alfonso XIII. Impressed by the way, the monarch followed by an entourage toured more than horrified. Since become known as the Caminito del Rey. Absent less maintenance, over time deteriorated the runway, which has lost significant parts of its structure.

A century after its construction, the Caminito del Rey lacks the protective railings had, the water gushes from broken pipes wet and slippery leaves several sections of the walkway and the concrete floor has dreadful gaps, which leave the Air bare steel beams on the balance needs to be done to pass. About this ruin every weekend dozens of curious venture, hikers and climbers. Some come fascinated by the risk to others is a must to the walls where they practice their favorite sport. El Chorro is one of the most important schools of rock climbing in Europe.
Risk of death
In 1999 the first fatal accident occurred when a hiker it crashed. Since then four people have died after falling from the bottom of the narrow road. To avoid disaster and instead of repairing it, the authorities tore down access from El Chorro and closed the North side. It was like overkill. He immediately opened a via ferrata (way in a rock wall made with nails, grips and metal parts that allow them to cross it and make sure) that prevented the stretch destroyed, while adding more difficulty to the road.

The people of El Chorro ensure that no one asked if they wanted to destroy something that is yours. They also say here that the European Union provided funds to the Andalucian authorities for the restoration of the road, but “it was spent on roads, had not delivered a single euro for the Little Way,” they lament, while deterioration diary becomes increasingly dangerous and therefore it becomes more attractive candidates to suffer a fatal accident.

Without extreme difficulty, to cross the Caminito del Rey is an exercise in risk requires the use of climbing equipment (harness, straps, carabiners, helmet …) and be able to get around this kind of terrain. Parallel to the road and through tunnels that pierce the mountain railway line runs from Cordoba to Malaga, which can be accessed within the gorge. It is currently prohibited under the tracks go fine of 6,000 euros. The advice for anyone who wants to visit the gorge of the Gaitanes is to be accompanied by professional guides in the area.

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