The sun is bordered by a mysterious dark substance

sun is bordered Recently scientists believed that the dark matter in the solar system do not. But an international team of scientists from the University of Zurich, based on the latest mathematical models that describe the balance of mass and energy in the galaxies, and concluded that the dark matter is in the immediate vicinity of the Earth and the Sun is located.

Mysterious dark matter, according to modern scholars, approximately 90% of the total mass of the universe. Approximately 5% of visible matter that makes up stars, planets, cosmic dust, etc. Approximately 3% of a substance consisting of neutrinos – the smallest particles of matter found at the present time.

Dark matter is revealed only by the presence of gravity, which is shown in certain gravitational effects. It has no magnetic or electromagnetic or electrical field around itself, and does not interact with these fields. Thus, the modern means of watching her “see” is not possible. However, this matter is in the universe, in its evolution, education and conservation of matter a great role.

The first time that the mass of the universe with the calculation wrong, said Swiss astronomer Fritz Zwicky in the 30 years of the twentieth century. He measured the rate at which clusters of thousands of galaxies Coma move around a common center. It was found that the velocity of the observed galaxies do not match the total mass of the cluster. This indicated that the true mass of the cluster Coma much more visible. With the bulk of matter is invisible and inaccessible to direct observation. It is found only indirectly – through the presence of gravity. This mysterious matter was called dark matter.

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