The Hopi Indians and their prophecy

30 Aug

Hopi Indians Native American Indians (HOPI) about 10,000 individuals, many of whom live in Arizona (USA) at the Federal Reserve Navajo Pueblo.

The Hopi Indians claim that their ancestors were visited by beings from the stars who traveled on shields or birds flying thundering, and mastered the art of cutting and transporting huge blocks of stone, as well as to build tunnels and underground facilities. These rescuers were “Katchinas” meaning “wise, honorable and respected.”
The Grandfather speaks as spokesman of the Great Spirit and visions that had:

Not enough that the man is happy in his flesh, but must be happy in spirit. Because without happiness and spiritual life force is misleading. Without seeking the things of the spirit, life and living is half empty. For spiritual life do not mean to depart an hour a day to spend in worship, but to seek the things of the spirit every hour of every day.’s Not important I remember someone, but God reach and sustain a positive position of the spirit that moves all things, bringing the consciousness of man closer to the Creator.

Not enough to find the spirit of things on a personal level. It is selfish to do so, and the spiritual seekers only for themselves are not looking to change the spirit that moves through the hearts of men. They are escaping, evading responsibility, and using their knowledge for their own glorification. A spiritual man must work for a principle, a cause, a search for much more than the glorification of himself, to change the spirit that leads men to their destruction.

Trying to live a spiritual life in modern society is the hard way that you can tour. It is a path of pain, isolation and tests of faith. But is the only way that can make our vision a reality. The real quest in life is to live the Wisdom of the Earth within the confines of man. No church or temple we need to find peace because our churches are in nature. There are no spiritual leaders, for our hearts and the Creator are our only leaders. Our number is reduced because few speak our language or understand the things we live. So, we went our own ways, because each Vision, each search is unique to each individual. But we must walk the society or our Vision dies. For a man not living his Vision is living death.

The Earth is dying. The destruction of man is close, so close, we must all work to change the path of destruction. We must pay for the sins of our grandfathers and grandmothers, because for too long we have been a society that kills its grandchildren to feed our children can not be no rest, nor can we give. Too many have given in the past. It’s easy to live a spiritual life away from man, but the reality of the vision can only be experienced when participating in society.

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