The first inhabitants of South America

03 Aug

first inhabitantsA “dislocation” stable air currents – the trade winds – blowing in the southern hemisphere in the direction of South America. In this case there had to be ocean current, which is on the southeast coast of Asia went through the Indian Ocean, bathed South Africa, reached South America, penetrated into the Drake Passage between Tierra del Fuego and Antarctica, and then sent along its western shore, lost in the Pacific.

The course allowed going in the direction of Antarctica. The sin was not to use it. The peoples of the Paleolithic period who inhabited the Indonesian region, over 50 thousand years ago could make at least a primitive craft. In the same period there was a nearby settlement of Australia.

Studies of ancient human skulls age of at least 12,000 years old, found in South America, and showed that the first inhabitants of this region belong to the same ethnic group as the Australian Aborigines.
These findings contradict the classical concept of settlement of the Americas through Beringia – the land area, periodically arisen in ancient times on the site of the Bering Strait between Chukotka and Alaska.


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