The asteroid has launched the Earth

03 Aug

The asteroidAbout 12,500 years ago, fell to Earth a large asteroid, the situation has changed as a result of the geographical poles of the planet. This is also confirmed, in particular, finds in the north of Siberia, the frozen bodies of mammoths, which remained in the stomach of undigested food.

So, they killed almost instantly due to a sudden and abrupt cooling. Well, the permafrost to step on the ground gradually, over thousands of years.

According to Alexander Tolmana from the University of Vienna and Victor Club of Oxford University, a cataclysm occurred between 10,000 and 9600 BC, when the fragments hit the Earth the huge comet.
In Antarctica, which occupies a central position in the Earth’s oceanic mass, sea level would rise so much that all of the city were under water. If any of the inhabitants remained alive, he was killed during a snowfall, which lasted several months.

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