Ten dogmas of modern science

30 Aug

scienceThe greatest scientific fallacy of all – what science already knows the answers. Though the details are still in need of solutions, but, in principle, the fundamental questions have been settled.

Modern science is on the fact that everything in our world – financially. That all reality consists solely of matter, be subject to physical and chemical laws. Consciousness is seen as a product of physical and chemical activity of the brain. Matter is unconscious. Evolution pointless. God exists only as an idea in people’s minds, and, consequently, in the human mind.

This point of view is very common, but not because its adherents are very critical of her approach. Quite the contrary.

Need for science to get rid of dogmas. It will be quite different if it gets rid of shackling prejudices.

Scientific credo:

1. Below are the scientific prejudices that scientists accepted unconditionally:
Mechanization. For example, a dog – rather complex mechanisms, rather than
living beings pursuing their goals. Even the people – these are the machines, a
kind of robot, with the brain as a genetically programmed computer.
2. All matter is unconscious. Its structure is not alive, not subjective and does not have points of view. Even the human mind – this is an illusion produced by the matter of the brain.
3. The total amount of matter and energy is always the same (exception – the Big Bang, when matter and energy suddenly appeared out of the singularity).
4. The laws of nature are immutable. They are the same as they were before. They will remain the same in the future.
5. Nature has no purpose. Evolution does not aspire to any result and no one was going.
6. Biological heredity material, its support is the genetic material DNA and other physical structures.
7. Reason is limited skull and is a product of brain activity. When looking at the tree, its image does not appear “somewhere outside”, but on the inside of the brain.
8. Memories are stored in the material stores and deaths disappear.
9. Unexplained phenomena like telepathy illusory.
10. Manual medicine – the only one with the effect.

Together, these statements constitute the philosophy and ideology of materialism, which is the central idea of the primacy of matter, not consciousness. This doctrine prevails from mid XIX century and is now accepted as the truth.

In everyday life, materialism has become a life devoted exclusively to material interests – the desire to accumulate property, wealth and luxury.

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