Teaching is all that happens you

happens youDo you believe that things ensue why or passing for some reason? There are no errors or mistakes, there is only limited and misunderstanding in our mind. Many times we do not know something happens and we interpret that happens. What can we do?

Before any problem ask yourself:

What I can learn from this? What did I do wrong? What should I change to not happen again? Have I experienced similar situations before? Why did I repeat?

Analyzes impartially and objectively, like you’re out of the problem, as if you were not part of the, that is salt and look like alien problem.

Be objective, be tolerant, put all your goodwill, seek help from your Inner Teacher or The Voice of Conscience (whatever you call it) and learn the lesson without fear or rancor. So you’ll never make the same mistakes and not repeat unpleasant lessons.

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