Still On the Moon American flag

American flagForty years behind the last landing of American astronauts to the moon minds of NASA experts were busy paradoxical question: where did one set in the lunar soil cloths? In the 1960’s. Astronauts made six landings, while each of them they left the Stars and Stripes, but the latest pictures from the automatic interplanetary station, showed one of them disappeared without trace from the satellite.

Mark Robinson, one of the scientists involved in the lunar program, told the Daily Mail, that the photo shows five of the remaining blades cast its shadow on the lunar surface, but in sixth place there is no flag, no shade. There is no clear answer to flag disappeared, at NASA yet. According to one version, he could be burned during takeoff, “Apollo 11”.

Describing the state of those flags that are still on the Moon, the researcher added: “As for me, of course, I was somewhat taken aback that all flags have suffered so many years of strong ultraviolet radiation and temperature fluctuations. How do they look like – this, of course, another matter? “According to Robinson, the air temperature at the earth’s satellite, depending on the region ranging from -120 ° C to -140 ° C.

The program of manned space flight NASA “Apollo” was adopted in 1961. Its aim was to implement the first landing on the moon. The requirement to be on the first satellite of the Earth and make it up to 1970 was announced by the then U.S. President John F. Kennedy.

In 1969 the famous expedition, which was attended by three American astronauts – Neil Armstrong, Edward Aldrin and Michael Collins – has reached the moon. The first humans set foot on the lunar surface Armstrong. Reports on the flight were all leading TV world except the Soviet and Chinese. The “Apollo” was completed only in 1975.

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