Reflection on the death

31 Aug

 the deathThe death of a loved one is not at all easy to accept. We would like to keep that person always at our side and the grief and pain of loss and drowns us foliage us no breathing. It is necessary at this time, if we really want to take a respectful attitude and let go of the dead with a good accompaniment. Accept that this stage be completed by our side and now must continue their journey. Thank you for the time we used up with him and do not feed the climate of pain and sadness that delay their departure.

In ancient Egypt people ready for life for his death. How different from today where everything seems to conspire to distract us and we do not think at that time!

Most spiritual society was based on the belief of reincarnation. (Christianity believed in reincarnation until the year 543 AD, when Emperor Justinian decided to change the trust established in the time of Christ). Reincarnation is based on the idea that it is the soul that goes through different experiences in multiple bodies. Reincarnation reveals why it is so different from the lives of people, some as simple and others so complicated.

Traditional science does not give rise to any kind of belief. The biology poses a life tied to physical existence, but if you look at the nature of the day always comes after night, and then returns the day … Everything in nature is governed by cycles.

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