Photo of the Day-Ring of Einstein

EinsteinBlue mascot was discovered in 2007 when a great study of the entire sky SLOAN, but the Hubble images provide unique facts and the details of this rare natural phenomenon.

Gravitational lens-one of the most strange phenomena of the Great Universe that astronomers have learned to use to the common good, studying far-distant galaxies by determining the mass of dark matter in clusters, and much more.

The story then this. Scientists have long interested in the wonderful “red galaxies” – is a type of galaxies, which, apparently without showing too much brightness, nevertheless have a huge mass – mass of several tens of the Milky Way.

But the picture is even more interesting thing. Blue mascot around the red galaxies – so-called Einstein ring, a manifestation of gravity, described by him in the General Theory of Relativity. So, this mascot – distorted beyond recognition, image distant galaxies! Red shift is a horseshoe – 2.4, that is, we can see it here at a time distant from the Big Bang to 3 billion years!

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