Night and dreams

31 Aug

dreamsSleep is essential for the human body. Fits we recover and strength for the next day. During deep sleep is secreted in superior proportion of growth hormones, whose mission in sleep and night

Adult body is to support regeneration. In this process cells are expelled from the hardened skin, which is renewed during sleep factually.

But is the sleep spiritually? Does it improve our state of realization during the night? How does what they dream about all this?

Traditionally from Romanticism has always linked the night, the dreams and the moon, with the freedom and the idyllic life we never have. But, by the dreams you try to escape reality and avoiding reality will not solve the problems that appear in our lives.

On the other hand, psychological research often determines deepest subconscious motives of our being. Some phones that seem to come out of a bottomless pit and if we look in detail, we will never find an end. We can spend our lives uncovering subconscious parts without having advanced not a step to be more aware.

Overall nightlife conscious man is nothing. With luck, perhaps vaguely remember what we dreamed at night, but obviously life during sleep has almost no conscience.

There are a number of dangers at night that is worth knowing in advance.

The awareness day, somehow, incipient consciousness shapes our night. That is all that we have attracted during the day, at night is still the focus of our attention. That’s why I often go to sleep with a problem and wake up with the solution or mulling over the same problem.

During sleep we magnetically to those places where there is the same energy that has attracted during the day, similar to a medium where the same vibration but dreams. This happens every day.

If we distance ourselves from this vicious circle and the toxic night and day without conscience, spend all our life and we have not been able to break the influence of these forces.

So the first step is to try to break the habit of going to sleep unconsciously. Always before standing our body is better to change the direction of our thoughts with a rewarding read.

Strive not to enter the dreams oriented as personalities but as souls is a recipe that we can practice.

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