Message of Mother Teresa

31 Aug

Humanity alternate name Mother Teresa – Nobel Peace immortalized left us in these few sentences, the essence of his thought. Lowing cons Thoughts to inspire us all.

Is the most beautiful day? Today

Is the biggest obstacle? Fear

Is the root of all evil? Selfishness

The worst defeat? Discouragement

Does staples? Communicate

Is the greatest mystery? Death

Is the most dangerous person? The liar

Is the most beautiful gift? Forgiveness

Is the fastest? The right way

Is the most effective safeguard? The smile

Is the most satisfaction? The accomplishment

Do the people in need? Parents

Does the easiest thing? Err

Does the bigger mistake? Give in

Is the most beautiful distraction? Work

Do the best teachers? Children

What you most happy? Being helpful to others

The worst flaw? The moodiness

Does the meanest feeling? Resentment

Is it more essential? The home

Ever feel more welcome? Inner peace

Is the best remedy? Optimism

Is the strongest force in the world? Faith

Is the most beautiful thing of all? The Love

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