Learning from nature

30 Aug

natureEverybody can boast of living a healthy, impartial life but respects the rhythms of nature. Each realm can bring us a lot if we choose to listen. And as we can and should help them in their growth, they also help us in ours.

The animal kingdom can learn many things. Conventional wisdom relates the self of the pet with the owner and it is well known that many animals, love, assume some karmic debt from their owners in the form of disease.

The plant kingdom can sense the state of strength of our home. Having a garden or a balcony or a floral arrangement helps us to express our creativity, bring a live element to our house and help us expand our capacity to care for others. The mineral kingdom can also integrate some very interesting knowledge. Some crystals always express a certain kind of vibration, such as rose quartz; can serve to create specific environments in our home.

On the other hand the transient beauty of nature, if we reflect a little, can help us understand such abstract topics as life and death, or the beauty of all periods of life. Watching the sunrise or sunset is a highly rewarding, but often have no possibility to spend a little time, if we do that we will experience the benefits will be very important. Looking at the change of seasons, spring, summer, autumn and winter, performing activities of each station and building to consume products each season, we will feel more integrated with nature without giving the feeling the big cities and the food prepared, separation of the natural environment. See clouds drift links us to the transience of all events. Enjoy the sound of the ebb and flows of the sea or river also help us to reinforce this idea of impermanence of everything.

For those who live in a big city is increasingly necessary and therapeutic out occasionally to take a trip, to hug a tree or maintain a dialogue with nature. Not only to recharge batteries but to reinforce the idea that any kingdom of nature and synchronization language of symbols is much more alive than in the mountains of asphalt, steel and concrete.

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