In the very old palace of the warehouse found detached hands

12 Aug

anceint hands

The archaeologists have made in Egypt. Dig of a very old palace in the city of Tell el-Daba, they found a store of detached hands.

On the territory of Tell el-Daba are the ruins of the ancient city of Avaris, which was the capital of the Hyksos – an ancient people, who occupied Egypt about 3.6 thousand years ago. Excavating the ruins of the palace of one of the Hyksos rulers, archaeologists found his throne room, and next to it – four holes in which were buried human remains.

In two of these wells were skeletons of men who did not have the brush on the right hand. These brushes, apparently, once severed, the researchers found in two other wells in the neighborhood. Total of counted 14 pieces. “Most of the hands were quite large, and some very large,” – said Manfred Betak, head of the excavation.

According to him, skeletons probably belonged to the soldiers who were killed by the Hyksos in battle or captured. In ancient times it was customary in Egypt, according to which the warrior could cut off the right hand of the enemy killed, and then get cash reward for her, which was called “gold of valor.”

As noted Betak, a reference to this practice is often found in ancient Egyptian literature, but has not yet been able to find real evidence that he actually existed. According to archaeologists, it is not clear yet exactly where he came from. He could bring the Hyksos in Egypt, or, conversely, they adopted the “tradition” of the Egyptians.


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