Hit a 36-meter section of the Great Wall of China

10 Aug

Great WallNorthern China for a number of days, led to the fact that in the province of Hebei hit a 36-meter section of the Great Wall of China.

According to “Interfax” , this piece of ill-preserved very old building and has long demanded repairs. In parts of the building next to the distorted section of the detected cracks.

Section of the wall, which was collapsed fragment, was erected in the reign of the Ming Dynasty (1368-1644).

Almost 2 million people were evacuated on August 8 in the east of China because of rampant typhoon “haiku.” According to online media, evacuated residents of Zhejiang province and Shanghai.

In some localities there is no electricity. Authorities in Shanghai closed all the parks to avoid injury of the population in case of falling trees.

Typhoon “Saola” has already led to the deaths of more than 70 people in the Philippines and caused serious enough damage on Taiwan. And today, the devastation of Hurricane flew over one of the major Australian cities – Sydney.


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