Hidden beneath the ice, blown into the sea

03 Aug

beneath the iceMore than 40,000 of those years those have passed since the creation of the first Paleolithic tools of direction-finding and to the end of the Pleistocene, a group of people from Asian and South American coasts, as well as from South India and South Africa, could appear off the coast of Antarctica. This happened when they got into the already mentioned equatorial current.

Wedged in a fairly favorable climate, they are engaged in growing crops, the seeds are brought. Following that were created new tools and new types of dwellings, were the first steps on the path of technical civilization.

And when the inhabitants of Antarctica have learned to build large seagoing vessels that can withstand the ocean elements, began sailing to the shores of other lands. It is likely that the outcome of these voyages was the creation of the coastal colonies, at least in South America. From these settlements would remain some traces, but the fact is that sea level was below the present time about 130 meters, so look for these signs should be at great depths. As for the settlements and cities that have existed on the Antarctic mainland, they are all buried under the ice cover and blown into the sea, because since the late Pleistocene glaciers slowly spread throughout the Antarctic. The cause was a global catastrophe.


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