Christmas or the birth of light

31 Aug

ChristmasAll teachings of deliverance, all roads have beginning ultimately, a single goal-the liberation of man from time axes formed a polar consciousness, and show the tiny eye of the needle facing this .

This path of liberation is not nearby to all people, is not suitable for everyone. It is a way of training, training well aware that employs techniques and systems to achieve the goal of enlightenment and awakening. Because this way of initiation is not suitable for everyone from the same ancient knowledge has been passed in an accessible way through another path-the myth.

Viewed externally, the myth consists of a number of tales, stories, pictures, rites, ceremonies and symbols. Through the myth is that knowledge of reality, which is beyond appearances, became accessible to all men, even men who did not want to go through the detour in the path of the techniques, thinking and abstractions required by the spiritual path. All religious stories, all the stories about the children of the Gods that exist in various religions, all these stories are also religious myths.

The holidays are the points that link man with what happens in heaven cosmically. And man relearning to adapt to these rhythms of the calendar.

When we celebrate Christmas, the Sun is at 0 degrees Capricorn, the point of the winter solstice, when the nights have become longer and shorter days. This is the time when the sun is farthest from the earth in all its annual tour. And in this ultimate dark, light is born tonight. From this point begin to increase again the forces of light, which the days grow longer and lessen the forces of darkness, the night wanes, leaving in balance the length of day and night. Men of ancient cultures celebrated in a special way the changes of the seasons. For these cultures had special meaning the point at which, in the midst of the greatest darkness outside light was born and began his course victorious over the forces of darkness.

Christmas symbolizes the rebirth of Light and God in us. But the birth of Light in man can also take place when it is dark outside, that is, when man moves away from the outside world. There is a previous process that precedes the possibility of a birth of light (before the spirit is reborn in a human life) in which the outside world becomes dull and loses the charm that always has for us.

Christmas in Bethlehem occurs. In Hebrew, Bethlehem means house of bread which is the symbol for our body within which Christmas events. Our body is the external site for the birth, as the place is outside Bethlehem birth of Christ. Mary is above all our soul and with others insist that is virginal and pure. And Joseph is significantly a carpenter, a builder of forms. This brings to mind the Great Builder of the Worlds, synonymous frequently used to refer to the God-Father. That term is because God the Father is the expression of the principle of the spirit, able to create and forms.

Amid the figures of Mary and Joseph, the baby Jesus is lying, that child who turns God about this whole story. He is the divine principle, the real and true within us, the divine spark, the Self, the Divine Light, the Logos. All of these names are different names given to the core, the essence that is achieved only in man, in his consciousness. While man seeks its essence outside, outside, never find it.

The birth of Jesus took place in a barn, it was probably a cave. At that time, most of the stalls were in caves, symbolizing where the heart lies this divine spark. The ox and the mule symbolize the will and intellect.

The three wise men are wise, priests, magicians, and astrologers representing wisdom and dignity, but are pagans, not Jews. Pastors, if single peasant representatives are Jewish. Together, they symbolize whether the veneration of all mankind, Jews and non-Jews, dignitaries and intellectuals and the simple and humble people. They represent, simultaneously, two human groups polarized or, looked at another way, the two forces in man: first, the

intellectual men and other men of heart. then Christmas symbolizes the birth of light amid the darkness within each of us. Find that Light is the goal and task of every human being. And that Light can be found only when each is headed and when it is ready to work for the consciousness becomes receptive and understand the events of Christmas. And so, we are also ahead of Christmas in our world today, and we see that in order to give expression to this light, it is necessary that most humans have always engaged in making Christmas in his heart.

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