Are we headed for a vegetarian future?

26 Aug

Global food and water shortages could force the world’s population to turn vegetarian by the year 2050.

As the population heads towards 9 billion, leading experts have warned that turning vegetarian may be the only way to avoid a massive food crisis within the next four decades. The price of wheat and corn has increased by over 50% due to droughts in the US and Russia, contributing to a potential food crisis within as little as five years.

“The will not be enough water available on current croplands to produce food for the expected 9 billion population in 2050 if we follow current trends and changes towards diets common in western nations,” said Malik Falkenmark in a report from the Stockholm International Water Institute. Developing countries that rely on food imports from other parts of the world stand to be impacted the most by the increase in costs.

Adopting a vegetarian diet is one option to increase the amount of water available to grow more food in an increasingly climate-erratic world, the scientists said. Animal protein-rich food consumes five to 10 times more water than a vegetarian diet.

Source: Gurdian Unlimited

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