Archaeologists have unearthed the tomb of the Mayan Prince

04 Aug

Mayan PrinceGerman archaeologists from the University of Bonn have exposed the tomb of the Mayan prince.

Excavations were accepted out in the antique city Uksul, which is positioned on the Yucatan Peninsula. The works are carried out there since 2011. The topic of interest of scientists from the University of Bonn was a royal the palace, located outer surface the main palace complex. Their scopes are 120 by 130 meters and it consisted of at least seven buildings connected by courtyards.

Some time ago, scientists have conduct excavations in the building of so-called K2. There they found a rather large mayan tomb in which the remains of a young (20-25 years) people. He was buried with folded hands, the body was lying on his back, his face covered plate, which looked like a painting of codes of the Maya – ideographic manuscript.

The body was surrounded by a few well-preserved painted vases with the road. According to scientists, two of them had the dedication to a certain prince. However, lack of jade knick-knacks characteristic of the pretenders to the throne, points out that the young man most likely was not a direct contender for the role of governor. However, exactly who was buried in the tomb, remains unclear.

Researchers are also able to make sense of the date on the vessels. Archaeologists say that one of them belongs to exactly 711 of our century. Hence, scientists have concluded that the tomb was built during the second or third decade of VII century. At this time, scientists say, account for the most interesting political processes – Calakmul, capital of the kingdom of the same name, just lost almost all its influence in the region. At the beginning of IX century Uksul was abandoned.

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