Night and dreams

dreamsSleep is essential for the human body. Fits we recover and strength for the next day. During deep sleep is secreted in superior proportion of growth hormones, whose mission in sleep and night

Adult body is to support regeneration. In this process cells are expelled from the hardened skin, which is renewed during sleep factually.

But is the sleep spiritually? Does it improve our state of realization during the night? How does what they dream about all this?
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Outer and inner beauty

BeautyWe all know that the center mirrors the exterior. We have said it a thousand times and we remain coming back, but when it is not easy to be objective we apply that knowledge.

Is there a association between outdoor trash and garbage we produce interior? What is inside the trash? The rubbish inside is anything that can not be described as inner beauty. Everything we produce fruit of discord, selfishness, criticism, anger and our separation from the source, generates a residue, ie mental and emotional rubbish.
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Christmas or the birth of light

ChristmasAll teachings of deliverance, all roads have beginning ultimately, a single goal-the liberation of man from time axes formed a polar consciousness, and show the tiny eye of the needle facing this .

This path of liberation is not nearby to all people, is not suitable for everyone. It is a way of training, training well aware that employs techniques and systems to achieve the goal of enlightenment and awakening. Because this way of initiation is not suitable for everyone from the same ancient knowledge has been passed in an accessible way through another path-the myth.
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Wisdom of the elders

WisdomTwo people with the similar age can be very different. Age, of course, aging and provides the understanding of experience, but that age manifests differently in each individual. There are jovial elderly seniors who no longer have hope for nothing. Life is the great school of all but leaves scars and traces different depending on the character and how you react to events that happen to us.

Rate aging not only observes the wrinkles or marks of suffering experienced by each person, but to appreciate the ability to integrate with certain experiences or nurture harmony with the depth of the advice that these souls can give.
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Reflection on the death

 the deathThe death of a loved one is not at all easy to accept. We would like to keep that person always at our side and the grief and pain of loss and drowns us foliage us no breathing. It is necessary at this time, if we really want to take a respectful attitude and let go of the dead with a good accompaniment. Accept that this stage be completed by our side and now must continue their journey. Thank you for the time we used up with him and do not feed the climate of pain and sadness that delay their departure.

In ancient Egypt people ready for life for his death. How different from today where everything seems to conspire to distract us and we do not think at that time!
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Message of Mother Teresa

Humanity alternate name Mother Teresa – Nobel Peace immortalized left us in these few sentences, the essence of his thought. Lowing cons Thoughts to inspire us all.

Is the most beautiful day? Today

Is the biggest obstacle? Fear

Is the root of all evil? Selfishness

The worst defeat? Discouragement

Does staples? Communicate
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Teaching is all that happens you

happens youDo you believe that things ensue why or passing for some reason? There are no errors or mistakes, there is only limited and misunderstanding in our mind. Many times we do not know something happens and we interpret that happens. What can we do?

Before any problem ask yourself:

What I can learn from this? What did I do wrong? What should I change to not happen again? Have I experienced similar situations before? Why did I repeat?
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Learning from nature

natureEverybody can boast of living a healthy, impartial life but respects the rhythms of nature. Each realm can bring us a lot if we choose to listen. And as we can and should help them in their growth, they also help us in ours.

The animal kingdom can learn many things. Conventional wisdom relates the self of the pet with the owner and it is well known that many animals, love, assume some karmic debt from their owners in the form of disease.
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The Hopi Indians and their prophecy

Hopi Indians Native American Indians (HOPI) about 10,000 individuals, many of whom live in Arizona (USA) at the Federal Reserve Navajo Pueblo.

The Hopi Indians claim that their ancestors were visited by beings from the stars who traveled on shields or birds flying thundering, and mastered the art of cutting and transporting huge blocks of stone, as well as to build tunnels and underground facilities. These rescuers were “Katchinas” meaning “wise, honorable and respected.”
The Grandfather speaks as spokesman of the Great Spirit and visions that had:
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What is the Soul?

The  SoulWhat is the Soul? There are numerous definitions of the term varied, among which we have chosen:
– “The Soul is the substance or cause cheerleader of individual life.” Anonymous.
– The Egyptians held that the soul was divine ray acting through a fluid compound peculiar.
– The Jews consider the vital principle.
– The Hindus teach that the human soul is part of an immutable principle, the world soul, the Anima Mundi, the all-pervading ether of space (akasha). Said ether is simply the driver of certain types of energy and serves as an interface between the essential spirit and intangible matter.
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