Night and dreams

Sleep is essential for the human body. Fits we recover and strength for the next day. During deep sleep is secreted in superior proportion of growth hormones, whose mission in sleep and night Adult body is to support regeneration. In this process cells are expelled from the hardened skin, which is renewed during sleep factually.… Read more Night and dreams

Wisdom of the elders

Two people with the similar age can be very different. Age, of course, aging and provides the understanding of experience, but that age manifests differently in each individual. There are jovial elderly seniors who no longer have hope for nothing. Life is the great school of all but leaves scars and traces different depending on… Read more Wisdom of the elders

Message of Mother Teresa

Humanity alternate name Mother Teresa – Nobel Peace immortalized left us in these few sentences, the essence of his thought. Lowing cons Thoughts to inspire us all. Is the most beautiful day? Today Is the biggest obstacle? Fear Is the root of all evil? Selfishness The worst defeat? Discouragement Does staples? Communicate

What is the Soul?

What is the Soul? There are numerous definitions of the term varied, among which we have chosen: – “The Soul is the substance or cause cheerleader of individual life.” Anonymous. – The Egyptians held that the soul was divine ray acting through a fluid compound peculiar. – The Jews consider the vital principle. – The… Read more What is the Soul?