Vitamin D + Calcium – recipe for longevity

03 Jul

Vitamin DThe Endocrine Society shows that if you take vitamin D with calcium, it reduces the level of mortality in elderly people, and, therefore, increases the duration of their lives.

During the last decade a growing recognition in terms of improving health receives vitamin D. It is well known that calcium supplements in combination with vitamin D reduces the risk of fractures.

The present study evaluated the mortality rate among patients, some of which took only vitamin D, and others – vitamin D with calcium. The results showed a decrease in mortality in elderly patients using vitamin D in combination with the addition of calcium, but similar results have not been detected in patients who received only vitamin D.

Used data from more than 8000 patients, of which almost 90% were women, average age about 70 years. Three-year study showed that mortality was reduced by 9% in patients treated with vitamin D with calcium.

However, some evidence suggests that calcium supplements alone (with vitamin D or not) may adversely affect the cardio – vascular disease. However, in general, calcium and vitamin D for older patients is not only not harmful, but can also have beneficial effects on overall health.

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