The two skeletons of the Vampire

VampireIn Bulgaria Archaeologists have found two skeletons from the Middle Ages, the body which are associated with iron rods, which, according to popular belief, vampires are not allowed to become “unread creatures”

These bodies are the latest in a sequence of discoveries in the western and central Europe that shed light on how seriously people took a threat of vampires, and help to understand the nature of how the beliefs of the past have been transformed into a modern popular myth.

The head of Bulgaria’s National History Museum Bozidar Dimitrov told about the discovery- “These two skeletons are killed with iron rods, show a common ritual that took place in several Bulgarian villages until the first decades of the twentieth century.”

According to pagan beliefs, the people who were considered poor in life, could turn into a vampire after death, if you do not pierce the chest of a man of iron or wooden rod before you bury the body. It was believed that the iron rod will keep the body in the grave, not allowing him to get up at midnight and terrorize the civilian population, says the historian.

Dimitrov said on Bulgarian territory in recent years, it was discovered more than 100 bodies were buried in such a way – tied with iron bars, or crushed, which should prevent the dead become vampires.

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