The bottom of the sea found an ancient sarcophagus

10 Jul

sarcophagusMediterranean Sea near the ancient city Dzhustiniano Napoli, which is located in the village of the province Okurcalar Alanya (Turkey), the sarcophagus was found with figures of Eros and Medusa.
Sarcophagus treat II or III century BC, transmit Crimean news.

20 days ago from diver Okurdzhy Hakan Gyulech during a dive to the bottom of the sea discovered the sarcophagus, covered with sand and stones.

Gyulech, suggesting that the lounge, trying to get him from the day of the sea, but, realizing that this sarcophagus, took photos and took in the management of the museum of Alanya.
As a result of the study, it was decided to get a sarcophagus from the bottom of the sea and put in a museum of Alanya.
The sarcophagus, which was cleaned of sand and stones 6:00, got out of the sea, with the support of the underwater archaeological museum director Yasar Yildiz Bodrum and the team of archaeologists – divers of 6 people.


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