Strange sword Hrabovo

swordPoland town of Hrabovo that only a few kilometers from the city of Kielce. Here, in the early 21st century. during the mining of limestone workers discovered a mysterious metallic object.

When the discovery carefully cleaned and inspected from the ground, it became clear that this well-preserved iron sword. He was produced in about 400 BC A great weapon, a rare find.

But archaeologists interested in the least the age of the blade. More problems caused the mysterious iron ornament on the handle of the sword. Strange notches, lines, circles, ovals. It is very unusual inlay.

What is this metal? Spectrographically analysis gave some incredible results: 10% copper, 5% magnesium and 85% aluminum. But how is this possible? After all, it is assumed that the aluminum in pure form was obtained only in 1825 by Hans Oersted Danish scientist electrolytic method. Other technologies for the manufacture of the metal world does not know yet.

From ancient times, the blacksmith knew about aluminum? Is it possible that he got his otherwise unknown to us the way? There is a theory that a skilled craftsman could use a light metal, got to the ground from space. Meteorite? But they are not aluminum. They are either stone or iron-nickel.

These days, a mysterious sword, scientists continue to study all over the world. But a few years they have failed, and one step closer to unraveling. Perhaps this ever happen …

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