Scientists believe that the countdown to the end of the world has already begun

end of the worldThe explosion of the volcano, paralyzed for a week flights in Europe, began to decline, but humanity is too early to relax. Seismic activity increased throughout the world. Over the past month have woken up to the volcanoes of Kamchatka, in Ecuador and Guatemala.

Geoactive unprecedented, according to some sources, there is in Yellowstone National Park (USA), where one of the largest super volcanoes. Is a volcanic eruption in Iceland, the first sign of an impending global catastrophe? And if so, on what the scenario, it can develop? Answer these questions attempted scientists gathered in a conference room RIA “Novosti”.

– The eruption of the volcano – not an isolated incident but a manifestation of the global process. Seismic activity is growing in different regions. Only recently have occurred in Haiti, Chile, Tibet, Lake Baikal, southwest China, in the Irkutsk region, western Denmark, the Philippines, Indonesia, Kamchatka, Japan, the Kuril Islands, Nicaragua, on the border of Russia and China on Taiwan. Shakes even the Middle Urals, which particular seismic activity never differed, – April 2, there was an earthquake capacity of 4.5 points. Volcanic activity is also increasing, which is quite alarming, considering that we are on the threshold of a new ice age.

While working on the oceanic lithosphere-theory, I compared the tables national luminary of Glaciology Academician Moskvitina, supplemented by data Canadian researcher George Andrews, a schedule fluctuations in sea level in the Cenozoic era, compiled by a group of prominent Soviet research institutes: the Institute of Arctic Geology (NIIGA) , All-Russian oil exploration (VNIGRI), the All-Russia Institute of Hydrogeology and Engineering Geology (VSEGINGEO), Siberian Institute of Geology and Mineral Resources (SNIGG and MC), Manufacturing and Research Institute surveys for construction (PNIIS), and others – and found an interesting pattern: the duration of periods of glaciation and interglacial all the time is reduced. First, they lasted for 500 thousand years, then to 40 thousand, then to 22 thousand years … The last interglacial in which we live, began 18 thousand years ago, but during a climate has been and remains extremely unstable. Judge for yourself, first came short interglacial period, when the Gulf Stream has returned to its rightful place, began to destroy the great North American and Euro-Asian glacier, which emerged in the era of glaciation. Then came the great climatic optimum, which lasted several thousand years and ended with the Deluge, as reflected in the legends and myths of different nations. Immediately after it started cooling off, which came to replace Little Climatic Optimum, which lasted several hundred years … After analyzing the available information, I came to the conclusion that the interglacial period draws to a close, a new ice age could begin at any time, and the trigger for this process is likely to be Iceland.

The famous Rift Valley in Iceland – part of the global rift system, which is nothing but a huge crack in the earth’s crust. According to the theory of continental drift on the ocean floor rift is not fixed – in the Atlantic lithospheric plates diverge at 2 cm per year, in the Pacific – 10-15 cm, on a plate of Nazca – 20 cm per year. But not in Iceland, where they are totally immobile! Call it “the Icelandic staple,” which, unfortunately, relatively weak. Fact that Iceland with Greenland Greenland represent a single-Icelandic geogenny complex. Greenland glacier – is extremely unstable. Few millennia, he freezes and melts somewhat. This lithospheric plate beneath it bends, it is rectified. problem is that lately it melts at a fast pace. According to scientists studying it (the German H. Flon, Englishman Jonathan Gregory and others), in the XXI century it is completely melted.

And then, when the melting of the Greenland ice reaches a critical level, “the Icelandic clip,” burst. As a result, the North American plate sharply upward rush that goes well for her to hitch the Eurasian plate crash down. In the resulting gap will pour water, which quickly reaches the asthenosphere ( the top layer of plastic mantle). Given that the depth of the sea near Iceland 3-4 km and the water is there under the pressure of 300-400 atmospheres, where she will meet with the red-hot 1000 degrees Celsius substance of the asthenosphere, there will be a monstrous power of a steam explosion, which spread across the rift system. revive all dormant volcanoes today, including the supervolcanoes, such as that found in Yellowstone National Park in the United States. in the atmosphere will be thrown an enormous amount of volcanic ash and steam that will generate unprecedented rains, biblical power.

But this is not limited. In the ocean, climb the monstrous supertsunami whose height is directly proportional to the enormous strain of the seabed caused by the explosion. One rush towards Europe, the other – in the direction of North America. As a result, New York, Havana, Rio de Janeiro, Buenos Aires, and in Russia, St. Petersburg, Kaliningrad, Murmansk, Arkhangelsk and other coastal towns in minutes will be washed from the face of the earth.

But that’s not all! Following the World Flood the Earth fall volcanic winter.

– According to our calculations, the process of melting of the Greenland ice reaches a critical point somewhere between the years 2030-2070, maybe a little earlier, maybe later. In order to establish the exact date, it is necessary to carry out large-scale field studies – consistently drilled in the Greenland glacier boreholes from the periphery to the center, taking soil samples to determine the point at which there was a previous crash. At the same time need to continuously monitor the electrostatic and magnetic intensity in the Icelandic rift, as well as to monitor the vertical edges of the progress in the Icelandic transverse ridge system …

However, the first warning signs of impending disaster are already visible with the naked eye. I’m talking about the Irminger current, which branches off from the Gulf Stream is just around Iceland. One branch goes to the west of Iceland, the other – the west of Greenland, which is absolutely contrary to everything that modern science knows about the Coriolis force, which determines the direction of currents in the oceans. However, all this could not be better explained by assuming that the ocean water has already begun to fall into the rift to the south of Iceland, from which is ejected in the form of two columns of warm liquid. In the good need to rush into this area of large-scale expedition, which dot the “i”.

– There are, however, good news – humanity has the resources to avert a looming disaster. The U.S. and other major powers are already developing technology to slow global warming. It is proposed, in particular, to spray fine aerosol in the atmosphere, oceans seeded filings to stimulate plankton growth and the absorption of carbon dioxide they … It seems to me that much more productive to create a hydro in the Bering Strait, which will regulate the exchange of water between the Pacific, Arctic and Atlantic oceans. There is nothing technically complicated about it. Blocks are set on stilts with axial pumps (3 vertical, about 10 meters in diameter each), which will pump the Pacific Ocean to the Arctic, which will prevent the movement of the Gulf Stream in the Barents Sea. As a result of this course will go to the tropics by the North African coast, the North Atlantic cools, the Greenland ice stops melting, global catastrophe will be averted. Along the way, be able to solve several pressing problems. The climate in Northeast Asia will become softer due to the fact that the Kuroshio Current intensify and weaken over Xiaosi. Sahara and the Sahel will become less arid regions …

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