Peru found an ancient tomb with skeletons

06 Jul

ancient tombArchaeologists from the University of Belgium in Peru have unearthed an ancient tomb. Near the mass grave was discovered 70 skeletons. A unique discovery was made in the town of Pachacamac, located 32 km south of Lima.

By assumption, the experts, the tomb was created around 1000’s. our era. The length of the tomb – about 20 meters, making it the largest burial of those that are found today in the region.

As for the skeletons, their heads are made of wood. Archaeologists found the remains of children and the remains of adults of both sexes. According to experts, their discovery could provide new information on the life of ancient people in Peru.

Recall that Pachacamac is one of the most important pre-Hispanic sites in Latin America. However, for some reason, this trend is not as popular as other Peruvian ruins, conveys Destinations.Ru . Currently, Pachacamac is seeking inclusion in the UNESCO World Heritage List. It is possible that the recent discovery will help him get this status.

“We are delighted with the news that Pachacamac discovered a new tomb. This is a historically important area. Its worth a visit,” – commented on the find manager, tour operator Explore Linda Harris, inform the Wanderlust .


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