How do dinosaurs have sex?

14 Jul

dinosaurs sexScientists in conclusion paleontologists announce that they know in what place sex dinosaurs.

When prehistoric reptiles were time to mate, the male climbed on the female from behind, and then everything happened as modern chicken, established professionals. Pose of all the dinosaurs were the same, despite their enormous weight and size, as well as all kinds of horns, which are stuck in some of the back.

In 1988, Beverly Helsted paleontologist, known for his revelations about the sex lives of dinosaurs in Omni magazine article described the position in which “it” happened all the dinosaurs, “Climbing back, the male put his front paws on the shoulders of a female, put one foot on her back and twisting the tail to reach the cloaca partner. ” On the paper attached drawings by the artist Ron Embletonom.

Today Helsteda colleagues recognize that this is how the dinosaurs looked like sex: “I do not think anyone has a doubt,” – said a biologist and an employee of Florida State University, Gregory Erickson. From a scientist added: “It must have been a stunner.”

It turned out that dinosaurs, like modern birds and reptiles, there was one opening for excretion and sex – the cloaca. To reproduce, these animals do not need the external genitalia. Although, as noted by scholars, some birds and crocodiles have something similar to the penis. Maybe it was something like the dinosaurs – while some of the reproductive organs of dinosaurs could reach 3.5 meters in size.

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