Egypt-found a boat burial of the First Dynasty

boat burial The duration of routine excavations at the ancient Egyptian cemetery of the early kingdoms in Abu Ravashe to the north-east of the Giza plateau, a French archaeological assignment of the Institute of Oriental Archeology at Cairo came across a funeral boat, which probably belonged to the First Dynasty king, named Den (about 3000 BC. e.).

On these boats crossed the dead Pharaohs of the earth in eternal life.

An artifact found in the northern part of the ancient Egyptian burial structure with a flat roof prior to the pyramids, consists of 11 large boards and is six meters high and 150 wide.

The discovery brought to the restoration of the planned National Museum of Egyptian Civilization, and is expected to be exhibited in the hall of the Nile, when the museum opens its doors to the public. It will happen in the next year.

Institute of Oriental Archeology began excavations at Abu Ravashe in the early 1990s. Found a number of archaeological sites, the most important of which is devoted to the king of the fourth dynasty Dzhedefra, the son of Khufu, the builder of the Great Pyramid. Archaeologist Emil Shassina discovered the remains of a large tomb, a hole under the boat and numerous fragments of sculpture.

Further excavations continued under the leadership of Pierre Lako. To the east of the pyramid Dzhedefry structures were found with the names of the first dynasty of kings which was called Chorus Aha and Den. Thus, it became clear that at the time of the pharaohs Khufu, and other Fourth Dynasty, who built giant pyramids, Abu Ravash is considered very ancient, time-honored royal necropolis.

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