Alien Sex

26 Jul

AlienA seed of the eruption, there is the creation of an embryo, an accelerated process – two individuals themselves create an embryo and make it mutual. Thought forms provide an extra sense of class-body merges with yours stick together with your partner, and goes beyond pleasure, when it becomes one body with the liberation of the head to identify the partner. You might think that this is ugly, but it would be a mistake.

This is not ugliness, it’s a different kind of sex and the earth is much cooler experience.

Blood partners can distribute evenly and not entangled with the veins are defined by their partner and the shift to the center between the partners and between them suffused as the center – create a liquid foundation and seal gets through the skin tissue and bones of partners. Creating the initial stage of the skeletal structure as the initial form inside a blood vessel – the fact that the middle and gives a seal. Each partner is allocated through their bodily tissues of the body structure of the particles and passes them to the center between the other partner and build a raft together. The female controls the liquid, the basis of the embryo and the man is strong and focuses it on the basis of their muscle tissue. Partner decides to set up the floor of the fetus and alters the formation of liquid at the genitals.

The density is more difficult to transform than those created by a body, and when the way is the ending, it is then when the body between the embryo is already there and you see him, but the process of invasion can be seen, but this is rare.

What you need to do this? Answer below!

It is necessary to increase the emission of the planet itself, as the plant level and at the physical, it is necessary to study the flow of rivers, to find out where the empty spaces with no vegetation, there is not to eliminate misunderstanding. Not clear from the right wood from old trees, lifeless. Keep safe and clean debris from the forest.

Free them from the old trees, to create harmony among the beasts and birds, insects, distributed over the importance of their existence and their harmonization, so as not flew in the wrong place, you need to create a living barrier of the (type of bird taken into account) – see the mountains and assist in the emission, having stones in the right places – spread the sea in its flow, so that was a change in the aquatic environment – to create micro-worlds for living creatures, and as a water filtration and air. All this is possible, the study of our planet. Then all will be.

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