After 300 years of New York will go under water

03 Jul

USAScientists studying climate change have come to disappointing conclusions regarding the fate of the U.S. east coast.In the next century, sea levels will steadily rise, according to a study by an international panel of climate scientists.

Scientists describe the apocalyptic picture-a 2300 sea levels will rise by 4 pm But, according to the most realistic estimates, sea levels will rise above $ 2.7 m, however, and this will lead to dramatic consequences for coastal areas, says one researcher, Stefan Ramshackle of the Potsdam Institute for Climate Impact Research.

For example, in New York, raising even one meter has lead to more frequent floods: a flood of one every century up to one every three years. For this reason, for the east coast of the United States is the most closely watched. In thousands of kilometers of coastline, where the New York City, Baltimore, Philadelphia and Boston, the rate of rise in water level is four times higher than in other parts of the world.

Across the globe hundreds of millions of people live in coastal areas of relatively low – rising sea levels dramatically affect the interests of the poorest countries, especially developing countries, but also the major metropolitan areas of Asia.

Scientists speak of incalculable economic damage and the threat of the present exodus of refugees.


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