Shakespeare and his world

ShakespeareElizabethan England was start to conquer the North American continent, opened trade routes to the Atlantic, was nourish by the scientific advance such as the heliocentric theory of the solar system developed by Copernicus, the father of modern astronomy. London began in the sixteenth century to be a worldwide city, open to progress and investment.

The cultural majesty led by Elizabeth I (1533-1603) – the Virgin Queen, married to her country and all-powerful matriarch-starred as the birth of modern professional theater, I finally had to represent site-specific works. William Shakespeare (1564-1616) arrived at the right time.
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Japan remembers Hiroshima victims

HiroshimaIn the Peace Park in the city of Hiroshima was commemorating the sixty-sixth centenary of the U.S. atomic bombing of the city with a minute of silence and the tolling of the bell memorial. There was attended by legislative body from 66 countries and public opinion Nippon, including a handing over from the Fukushima prefecture, where the damaged nuclear plant.

The mayor of Hiroshima, Kadzumi Matzui, the Declaration of Peace was read at the ceremony urged the world community to work for the eradication of nuclear weapons. He reminded the serious consequences of the earthquake and tsunami that struck the northeast on 11 March and that caused the catastrophe in the Fukushima nuclear power plant-1.
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Cleopatra-the last queen of Egypt

last queen of EgyptThe capital of Cleopatra to make a decision the fate of the queen and her kingdom. With his cunning Cleopatra devise a plan. Hiding in a carpet walked into the room of Caesar. In front of him and using all her charms captivated the Roman conqueror. No help of any soldier, she managed to preserve his throne by defeating one of the most powerful generals of the time.

During the next twenty years Cleopatra proves his sagacity, intelligence and ambition that would lead to the summit of power.
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Is the prime pyramid in the world … in Bosnia?

pyramidIn 2005, archaeologist found more than a few structure covered by thick plant life. As an internationally celebrated scholar on the subject, acknowledged the manufactured angles and coordinates features of the pyramids in other continents, these masses who succumbed to the mercy of Mother Nature. Consequently, various excavations and scientific confirmation on samples obtained from the structures, yielded dates that would go back since 12.000 to 34.000 BC!

And hidden in the landscape, the pyramids were considered natural hills … until now.
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The Tower of Babel

Babel templeThe Old Testament-Tower of Babel takes on a charge higher than its magnificent structural design. Becomes a symbol of the perplexity that pervades the man when he can not communicate with their peers, because each uses its own language. This state of affairs was initially chaotic (according to the Bible) deliberately caused by God to punish the pride unlimited human beings who wanted to get to touch the sky with their hands.

“Everybody was of one language and identical words. When moving humanity from the East found a plain in the land of Shinar and settled there (…) Then they said, ‘Let us build a city and a tower with its top in heaven (…)’ And the Lord came down to see the city and the tower which the sons of Adam and said:
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Scientists have establish in the Pacific caffeine

Pacific oceanAmerican scientists newly discovered that in the Pacific Ocean contains caffeine. And it is not the least level and affects the lives of sea creatures. In several areas the level of caffeine than normal.

Now scientists want to find out the reason of finding of caffeine in the ocean. According to preliminary information, it is associated with high concentrations of sewer fees and the presence of septic tanks.
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Egypt-found a boat burial of the First Dynasty

boat burial The duration of routine excavations at the ancient Egyptian cemetery of the early kingdoms in Abu Ravashe to the north-east of the Giza plateau, a French archaeological assignment of the Institute of Oriental Archeology at Cairo came across a funeral boat, which probably belonged to the First Dynasty king, named Den (about 3000 BC. e.).

On these boats crossed the dead Pharaohs of the earth in eternal life.

An artifact found in the northern part of the ancient Egyptian burial structure with a flat roof prior to the pyramids, consists of 11 large boards and is six meters high and 150 wide.
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Scientists believe that the countdown to the end of the world has already begun

end of the worldThe explosion of the volcano, paralyzed for a week flights in Europe, began to decline, but humanity is too early to relax. Seismic activity increased throughout the world. Over the past month have woken up to the volcanoes of Kamchatka, in Ecuador and Guatemala.

Geoactive unprecedented, according to some sources, there is in Yellowstone National Park (USA), where one of the largest super volcanoes. Is a volcanic eruption in Iceland, the first sign of an impending global catastrophe? And if so, on what the scenario, it can develop? Answer these questions attempted scientists gathered in a conference room RIA “Novosti”.
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The glaciers of Antarctica found the valley of the size of the Grand Canyon

Grand CanyonBritish scientists have exposed a giant rift valley by glaciers in western Antarctica. Their findings were available in the scientific journal Nature. Experts believe that the fault is 1.6 kilometers deep and the size of the U.S. Grand Canyon may be related to high rates of ice melting in the region.

The deepening of the crust is located under the glacier Farrago, which stretches for 28 kilometers to the Gulf Eltanina in the Bellingshausen Sea in the western Antarctic. The discovery was made by scientists using radar that can penetrate thick ice at a distance of approximately 2.5 thousand kilometers. The region before the study was visited by explorers only once – in 1961.
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Alien Sex

AlienA seed of the eruption, there is the creation of an embryo, an accelerated process – two individuals themselves create an embryo and make it mutual. Thought forms provide an extra sense of class-body merges with yours stick together with your partner, and goes beyond pleasure, when it becomes one body with the liberation of the head to identify the partner. You might think that this is ugly, but it would be a mistake.

This is not ugliness, it’s a different kind of sex and the earth is much cooler experience.
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