World’s famous and most beautiful oasis

25 Jun

oasisQasis is a small spring in the middle of a desert. Usually, the oasis is surrounded by a small town who use it for your needs, although many of these oases dry up and disappear over the years.

On the other hand, who does not remember as a child seen in the drawings as or more beautiful oasis that these, and they were only a mirage? Surely these characters would have liked to be truth in some of the most beautiful oasis in the world:

10. Herubreiarlindir Oasis – Iceland. At the oasistop of Mount Herubrei is this oasis, more specifically in the wilderness of dahraun. It was created by erosion caused by volcanic eruption Trolladyngja (which is costing me to write this description). As this is a climbing area for tourists around the spring there are several camps for hikers.

9. Ein Gedi Oasis – Israel. It is the largest oasisOasis Dead Sea coast, and around the tribe Judah lives, which is very famous in Israel since the time of King Solomon.

8. Oasis Wadi Shab – Oman. This green oasis is Oasishidden by the great desert of Oman. Some of these springs of the Sultanate are being investigated in the field of agricultural biodiversity, as it is funny how are drying up in recent years many oases that have persisted for centuries in this area.

7. Timia Oasis – Sahara Desert, Niger. Besides oasisbeing very beautiful, this oasis is a great source of income, as well as offer its visitors the water in the great Sahara Desert, there are also planted orange and Granada, being able to grab their pre-paying off-and eat them there.

6. Chebika Oasis – Tunisia. This oasis is oasiscertainly the best known of the list because it was there where they filmed the episode IV of Star Wars. Since then known by the name of Oasis Chewbaka.

oasis5. Oasis Crescent Lake – Gobi Desert, China. It is located west of the country in an old village can be reached via the Silk Road .

Today is drying up and the level has dropped dramatically over the past 30 years, partly because the water is being redirected to the use of local farmers, and the fact that the population of the area has doubled. So this disappearing lake that has existed for hundreds of years …

4. Oasis of Maranhao – Brazil. It is more oasisspecifically in the National Park Bed Maranhenses, Maranhao. They are part of a series of freshwater lakes formed by the rains of the first six months of the year, evaporating in the next six to return to be formed early in the new year. In some of the lakes there are palm trees, which adds a special appeal to these lakes so beautiful.

oasis3. Turpan Oasis – China. Turpan is an oasis city located in China’s Xinjiang Uygur region, which is 8 kilometers from the abandoned city of Jiaohe, which was destroyed by the troops of Genghis Khan during the Han dynasty

oasis2. Erg Awbari Oasis – Libya. On the shore of this beautiful lake located 30 km from Germa (one of the major cities in Libya), form a real markets created by people from the villages near the spring. These positions seem to be that you are a real business, and mounting costs much money, so that, as in all of these sites, only benefit those who have more to continue taking more.

Oasis1. Huacachina Oasis – Peru. It is located in the Ica region, south of country. It is popularly known as the Oasis of America (the only of contentinte), and is an attractive place to visit for tourists and foreigners. Local legend says that this oasis was formed when a young hunter broke a princess as she was bathing. This out of the bath was quickly leaving more and more pools of water, which ended up forming the lake.

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