World most heights and tallest trees

tallest treesThe heights of the tallest trees in the world have been subject to considerable controversy and a lot of hype. Modern laser checks with meters or ribbons falling tree climbers, have shown that the measurement methods are not very reliable old, sometimes producing exaggerations of up to above 15%.
The current list of world’s tallest trees, verified by the most reliable measurement is:
10. Noble Fir, located at Mount St. Helens in Washington determines – 87.5 meters.
9. Ash Mountain, located in Tasmania (Australia) – 87.9 meters.

8. Faguetiana of Shorea, located in National Park Hills Taway (Borneo Island) – 88.3 meters.

7. Manna Gum (manna gum), located in Forest Reserve Evercrech (Tasmania) – 89 meters.

6. Tasmanian Blue Gum (Tasmanian Blue Gum), located in Tasmania – 90.7 meters.

5. Giant Sequoia, located in Kings Canyon National Park (California). – 94.9 meters.

4. Sitka Spruce, located in Prairie Creek Redwoods State Park (California) – 96.7 meters.

3. Pine Coast, located in the stream Brummitt (OR) – 99.4 meters.

2. Australian mountain ash, located in Tasmania. – 99.6 meters.

1. Sequoya coast, located in Redwood National Park (California) – 115.6 meters.

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