Were there dinosaurs?

09 Jun

Dinosaurs and the reason for their sudden death – those mysteries haunt for many generations of mankind. Many scientists give their answers to this question. But so far, and there is no consensus on this matter. We offer a completely incredible version.

What are the dinosaurs, or, viewed from a different point of view.

You say the unknown! And how many of the unknown – had a chance to realize only when opened completely different, “Research Facilities”: the study of holy books. Much of the unknown becomes clear.

I’m not about Kabbalah. Actually, I do not like that, and now we can turn his back on the scene, and a kabbalistkoy considered. Disorder that!

But this is the case, saying. Now – open the Pentateuch (the Torah as it is) in the first chapter reads: “And God said, Let the land produce living creatures after their kind, and cattle, and creeping thing and beast of the earth after their kind. And it was so. And God made the beasts of the earth after his kind, and cattle after their kind, and everything that creeps on the earth after their kind. And God saw that good. ”

In every audience, where sit the calcined atheistic propaganda, while wishing to join the religion of the people, there is a bore. They found this among us. His first question provoked a desire to use the holy book, not on purpose – namely, its a good crack on the domes of the Torah. But one question asked a sensible nerd: “What about dinosaurs? They are not cattle, not swine, and about which nothing is said. Is it really such a trifle, which did not have to even mention? I think that at the time of writing books about dinosaurs people just do not know, that’s not written about them! ”

Our teacher was shocked: “But … they did not write this book people! This book is given to them by the Lord! What are you talking about? ”

I am a geek for her: “And how did the dinosaurs?”

Y-yes, really hitch happens: dinosaur bones, eggs, paw prints found a lot of what they are there, like, no doubt, a book of books about them – or a witty remark.

The teacher explained to us:

“Gentlemen, the word” Torah “is translated as” Manual “,” Instructions. “This is a very concise summary of the teachings that were our ancestors at Sinai. It can not be said of all the details. Rest was given in the form of Oral Torah, and only then, under threat of extinction of knowledge after the destruction of the Temple, it was written. ”

I am a geek for her: “But they were dinosaurs?”

The holy man was our teacher! He is alive and well, now became very popular, and then was still young, but very patient:

“You’re just still not ready to understand it. But I tell you. In the Oral Torah explains that it was the Supreme material for animals and humans …”

“Well, – hummed class – that we know of the earth! For Adam, that the word” Adam “-” earth. “It’s easy!”

“It is true, the Lord created the earth out of clay animals – and when he said:” This is good “, took out the animals of the earth. They found favor in His sight – it is all right?”

“What is there to understand? All clear!”

“But nowhere in the holy books do not say that everything created by God seemed good. Some kinds of animals he found it necessary to remove from the land they live on it to this day, if people do not povybili. But the big useless creatures, such as Dinosaurs did not find favor in His sight. Lord deemed it unnecessary to their existence – and took them out of the land is not breathed into them the spirit! ”

People got:

“That is HOW? You want to say that dinosaurs did not exist?”

“It was not!” – Humbly accepted our mentor.

“And all the finds – an edge there, skeletons …”

“I have just explained, the Lord created them – but decided that they are not needed on the Earth and pulled them out of the soil. Therefore, their skeletons in the ground – yes, preserved as a sign that God created them. And on the surface of the earth any dinosaur ever was!

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