Want to go? 10 damage they do to your skin smoking

01 Jun

The World Health Organization (WHO) instituted it in 1987. It aims to encourage 24-hour period of abstinence, and promote awareness of the health effects of snuff consumption in its different forms.

Something that rarely speaks, is that almost immediately the first organ affected by smoking is the skin, which is why as part of commemorations for the day, Bio-Oil and make a list of 10 things you should know about the effects of smoking on your skin.

1. Smoker’s face. The person has a wrinkled skin and gray tone, prominence of the bones mainly in the cheeks, lips and eyes are surrounded by fine wrinkles, cheeks and jaws have deep lines and shallow.

2. Aging of the skin. The most obvious effect is the destruction of elastic fibers with which our skin naturally has, one of the main causes are more than 4 000 harmful substances contained in a cigarette, which cause wrinkles and premature aging in skin of smokers. This aging is more evident on the face.

3. 35 years. It is the age when they normally begin to show symptoms, being directly proportional to the degree of consumption.

4. Smoking causes black spots on the skin. Nicotine and tars generated adverse reactions in the structure of our skin, because they generate the dilation of the pores, which eventually returns to our skin in a tank of oil and dead cells , in turn, produce these black dots.

5. Swelling of the eyelids. It is caused by inhaling smoke constantly, which produces nasal congestion which in turn, are manifested in the phenomenon.

6. Increased risk of wrinkles. The wrinkle risk in female smokers is about three times nonusers snuff, and in the case of men is twice that of nonsmokers.

7. Healing problems. Was proven for the first time in the 70’s. Subsequent studies also showed that people who continued to smoke after surgery, have a slower healing and a mark on the skin, as the smoke affects tissue oxygenation, reducing circulation and blood poisoning.

8. Increased risk of skin cancer. The University of South Florida published in the journal Cancer Causes Control, that smoking increases women’s risk of developing skin cancer (squamous carcinoma).

9. Mechanical damage. The movements to smoking as inhaling mouth puckering, or eyes to avoid hurting the smoke damage the skin surface and this causes wrinkles in those areas.

10. The good news, reversibility. Unlike solar radiation damage, the effects on the skin caused by snuff may be reversible. Besides quitting smoking, which immediately produces a smoother appearance and hydrated, the increased consumption of vitamins A, C and E and substances such as zinc, selenium, iron, iodine and manganese (all this present in many fruits and vegetables), promotes the synthesis of collagen, which directly benefits the health and appearance of the skin.

Quitting smoking not only helps you breathe better and live longer with improved quality of life also helps remove years off, caring for the body’s largest organ and the first letter of introduction to the world: our skin.

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