The physical evidence of the Neanderthals

11 Jun

The scientific community established based on the differences found in the skulls of both species are the product of natural evolution, but it happens that if you look at the spearheads manufacturing the Australopithecus with those of the Neanderthals are determined to be very similar, meaning that in a course of 1’800, 000 years does not intelligence has been no change whatsoever.

The difference in their morphological configuration is not significant according to their intellectual, in fact zero.

Therefore we speak of different species.
An analysis of insects trapped in amber and having a history of
400 million years, such as ants, wasps, crickets, cockroaches, etc.. It can see that there has been no change or that there has been evolution. Physically or genetically.

So you can see the crocodiles, lizards like the Komodo dragon, hunt crabs, sharks have not evolved since the fossilized skeletons have been found are equal to the present, only smaller and with the same genetic

If dinosaurs roamed the earth from 400 million years until his
supposed extinction 60 million years ago and there is no evolutionary changes in that very long period of time, only adaptations. Species came and went but no evolutionary change by natural process.

Says another sector of scientists that life on this planet was due to the
Fortunately, when it merged with the primordial soup and electric shock
produces the amino acid sequence which leads to life. This has been recreated in
the successful laboratory.

Another sector of our scientists say that life was planted on this planet
by a meteorite containing bacteria and viruses with organic life, as
claim for the meteorite that they claim comes from Mars, and hence
life evolved.

Moreover ancient traditions as the Incas, the Dogon, the Maya
Sumerians, Greeks and so on. Indicate that life on this planet was caused by the
presence of gods who came from the stars.

The tablets found in Sumer hitherto presumed to be the
oldest writing found on the planet and involving both cortical and understanding spoken language, also speak of that when they (the Pleiadians of Nibiru) arrived at the planet and alien races were living here as the people of dragons red, green and gold, also Snake people. The reptilians, the Ancients, and other parts of the galaxy, also mentioned by hominids that vagavan African steppes and were vegetarians and fruit that were naked and did not eat meat and not covered themselves with anything because they have no self-consciousness the group just like all other animals, so there was less fur to cover her and knitwear.

But if we have seen that in the last 2 million years that you have
physical record of the presence of these Neanderthals and have nothing to do with the other races of hominids that inhabited the planet, we must assume that suddenly either planted or arising from a rapidly changing, either spontaneous or induced by some superior races .

If you have written evidence (of a race that clambering gait
trees quickly passes the written script that involves a high level
intellectual) that the Pleiadians modified by changing these Neanderthals to humans, then why can not assume that these Neanderthals are also a result of genetic mutations from other alien races.

If the ancient writings tell us that the aliens called gods
created man were that these old men were the Neanderthals.

People have become open channels, which receive
frequencies of Aliens, as well as the Archangels, Angels, and
other beings belonging to the Spiritual Hierarchies as Jesus, Mary,
Kuthumi, El Moyra, Hilarion, Saint Germain, Thoth the Atlantean, Esmeraldine, Lady
Etc. nothing. etc. etc. Sirius talk about that this being was conceived to serve as the
“Twelfth living library” because of the wars in their struggle
for power between the forces of light led by the Human Alliance, called Fed Gal. and on the other hand, the forces of Darkness Reptoid commanded by the Alliance or the Council of Ankara, known as the wars Lirianas be developed are in the constellation Lyra place where the solar multi Sirius (at least we know

To this end the Syrians put their physical basis and the altered gene to
so (providing it is six twelve strands or helices with 144,000, codons), to have capacity to store the genes of all species members of the Fed Gal. Since these wars were and are so tremendous that in a battle can end worlds and civilizations. for this had to hide their genes in places after a catastrophe of this magnitude they could recover the genetic information necessary to restore the species.

For that purpose being to carry that information would become a being
much more powerful than themselves and that other species are not as Aliens storage and processing capacity of the newly created genetic Nerdentales as the most advanced have only six strands or three DNA helixes.

Fearing that they shot in the foot out the Syrians and the other Members
Gal Fed decided to disconnect almost all the genetic material and only
leave them as apes fruit forever, and not be found so that the genetic capacity had not changed or only a
in their ability millionth razocinio.

Until the Pleiadians came up with the idea of modifying them. They
thought of their genes but did not think of those of the Neanderthals, they wanted slaves so I did a little more intelligent to mix them their genes with those that already had, made their genetic assets only had a few of these genes that could only use metal objects such as shovels and picks.

After the disputes between Enki and Enlil, this (god Pleyadeano), Enki
creator of modern humans decided to give it more capacity to Adam (red man) so the blood of the Neanderthals with the blue of the Pleiadians and the blood of the Dragon beings as Enki’s half and half Dragon Pleyadeano , resulting in a blood red skin and red by iron contained in our blood.

By giving more capacity is noted in the ability to self procreate and
awaken your kundalini internally which caused a little more ability to reason and conscience to have more brain power. It is to this as the Bible calls the matter of the serpent that tempted Eve (woman) as to become aware of itself the Adam (male cells), it was seen in the
need to dress and look for the woman to self-reproducing. Therefore the (god) Enlil became so angry that expelled them from the barracks where they lived in Humans with food safe and secure roof, as it only served as slaves unconscious, so they were fed as we do with the beasts load today. This happened to the myth of the expulsion of the place called Eden.

It seems that things are not like us have made them believe both stories
religious and the scientific. Due to power in the shadow of the Secret Government …

The object of this is to know our most successful and true beginning, and push aside another veil of mystery that have surrounded our origin, this opens up a little more awareness, and allows us to remove some of the ignorance that causes fear and fear of the energy grid in prison than we are.

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