The most expensive private islands

The world most private islands have always been the hallmark of those who are truly rich, and the dream of almost everyone. Maybe not so much by the property itself, but by the idea of being able to buy a commodity so rare and so great in general. These are the most expensive islands worldwide:

1. Isla de sa Ferradura. Privale IslandLocated a few kilometers from the island of Ibiza, the island was sold for that amount in 2007, with the curiosity of its first owner bought it about 100 years ago by the amount $ 500.
The most remarkable thing about this luxury island is their huge house has 14 rooms, seven bedrooms and eight bathrooms. Each suite has a private garden and around the house are several terraces and small private beaches.

The greatness of the house hidden from us another room hidden behind a bookcase, as is typical James Bond movie a couple of books movindo moves a huge shelf apareciendonos fourth hidden from view where we will have as much privacy and shelter.

2. Cabbage Cay. The purchaser Cabbage cayof this island 200 kilometers from Florida, known to be a totally unspoilt island, no one has touched anything on its surface, so you can build at home wherever and however. The island has three beautiful white sand beaches, lush vegetation and a protected anchorage area, in addition to abundant wildlife and many more incredible amenities. Turtles, fish and exotic birds.

3. Cerralvo Island. Located in Private Islandthe Gulf of California has an area of approximately 80 square kilometers. It is one of the largest islands in the Sea of Cortez overhanging the deep blue waters. On this site you can see interesting species like sea lions and countless birds. Last year the island was renamed “Jack Cousteau”, something he did not grace over the Mexican people, so it may be to revoke the decision.

4. Singer Castle on Dark Island.Private IslandAlso known as one of the Thousand Islands on the St. Lawrence River, we find a construction known as Singer Castle dating from the early twentieth century and unlike other castles were usually built to meet the function of strength, this was built to serve as a family retreat building by billionaire Fredrick Bourne.
This spectacular castle has over four floors, with a series of secret passages and towers and its interior is decorated with an exquisite and refined old style that delights the public that visita.
To explore its great structure can take a guided tour of 45 minutes duration, in which they will learn more details about the building and its history.

5. Necker Island. Located in Private IslandHawaii is famous because they have found numerous archaeological remains, ceremonial platforms highlighting 33 (heiau) and a stone figures of a style related to the Marquesas. Anthropologists speculate that these images can be a sign of the original Hawaiian culture, soon after the arrival of Polynesian migration from Tahiti in the twelfth or thirteenth. When they reached the French Jean-Fran├žois de La Perouse in 1786, the island had long been uninhabited. Christened in honor of the Minister of Finance, Jacques Necker, and described it as “a barren rock covered in bird droppings.” Mokumanumanu called Hawaiian, meaning “island of many birds’ is a name of the twentieth century.

6. Tetiaroa Island. It is a Tetiaroasmall island in French Polynesia, specifically 42 kilometers from Tahiti.
This island was purchased in 1965 the late actor Marlon Brando for 99 years, who after shooting the movie “Mutiny on Board”, was in love with her. After the death of actor, Tetiaroa became assets of his son Tehiotu Brando, except two acres because they gave Marlon Michael Jackson in friendship.
Now, Brando’s son plans to build a large resort on the island, made entirely from environmentally friendly materials.

7. Ciftlik Island (19 million Euros). private islandIt is located in the Aegean Sea, and its main attraction is a house shaped like a castle to buy who feel like a real king. The highest elevation of the Turkish island, is only 70 meters above sea level. A luxury.

8. Piedade Island. It is Private islandconsidered by many the most beautiful and luxurious property in the southern hemisphere. It is an ideal destination for top executives leave parked their daily stress, focusing only on small waterfalls every few yards there in the woods.
In addition to being frequently hired by employers, this island is mostly known for being frequented by the magazines to make different photo sessions with famous exotic air

9. Nygard Cay. Located in the Private IslandBahamas offers a different getaway for the architectural gems that have been built on the island are unique. The tree house with Maya style, in addition to its water slides, pools, tennis courts and a yacht of 85 feet makes it the perfect playground for adults, in the midst of an incredible rain forest.

10. Musha Cay. In 2006 it was Private Islandacquired by David Copperfield, who renamed the island as “Copperfield Bay.” This is a luxury holiday resort with over 700 acres to explore and 40 private beaches totally water and white sand. Some of his clients are the finest television Oprah Winfrey, actor John Travolta and Sergey Brin, co-founder of Google who married there in 2007.

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