UFO in the sky over the field

18 Jun

UFOsThe group of unidentified objects in the quantity of 4 pieces, divided into pairs, arranged for UFOs show up in the sky over the field. And so to fly under the laws of physics and aerodynamics – is impossible. I was shooting – this afternoon.

The first time I saw these two pairs of UFOs when examined benchmarks strange geometric markings on the field. They moved very quickly, but at some point just stopped in the air, and then put the camera and turned on the record, but by the time the UFO returned to his super-speed. In normal playback speed is too high these UFOs can not see what they get up in the air, but due to slow play a recording, you can appreciate the incomprehensibility of the trajectories of these objects.

It is also important. that they fly in pairs, and everything that happens seems to simulate air combat or exemplary performance, both at the air show, and maybe they are just having fun …
UFOs the sky
It should be noted that these four UFOs accompanied me today, all the while I was traveling through the mountains and valleys. Every time I turn on the camera in the frame immediately appear, these two pairs of UFOs, for example, although the distance from the first location to a second shooting of 3 km and up to the next, and another 5 to 6 more miles to the next.

For what purpose these “aerial acrobats” have followed my humble person I do not know, but this is probably my most successful encounter with a UFO in terms of visualizing the video, after a UFO that I was able to photograph standing in the cloud.

Objects are clearly the physical structure, but the speed and how they move in the air, it is absolutely impossible from the standpoint of physics and aerodynamics, as if for them there is no gravity and air resistance …

Unfortunately video hosting quite spoil the quality of the video, so I filled in both source code hosting. I strongly recommend to download the video in normal quality, to see everything as best as possible.

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