The Great of Alexander

01 Jun

Alexander the GreatAlexander son of Philip was twenty when his father died. He was already famous for his gallantry, his riding skill and intelligence. Praised him a lot because tamed bronco, the famous Bucephalus, praised him also because he was also master the great philosopher Aristotle.
He said his love of letters was such that the Iliad with him until the war. His ardent nature, ambition it was a spur that would not let him rest. He had shown considerable military qualities in the battle of Chaeronea, and refined instruction he received, had made in his mind the most extensive ideas had no place. Could both conceive and execute major projects.

He began to show everyone he knew to be in his position as master. The wife takes her father intended to occupy the regency, and made the kill with his son. Once recognized as king of the Macedonians, down to Greece to recognize his supremacy, and the Athenians were quick to send an embassy.

Satisfied on that side, marched against limiting peoples Macedonia to the north, and extended his empire to the Danube. While in those distant countries, the rumor of his death. Greece revolted at once and prepared a coalition of Thebes.

Alexander, who was in Thrace, saved the distance in seven days, dominated the revolt of Thebes, razed the city and sold the inhabitants as slaves. As for Athens, which had favored the movement, wanted to humiliate her demanding that he be given to Demosthenes, however, the pleas of Phocion it relented, and respected in that city the center of Greek civilization.

The Greeks were finally overpowered, and Alexander went at once to satisfy his ambition and flatter his pride, endorsing the plans of his father against Asia. Gathered in Corinth delegates of the Greek cities, the head of Greece proclaimed coalesced (333) and many Greeks were to enlist in the army that would undertake it against the Persian Empire.

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