The desert of the Nambung pinnacles.

16 Jun

 pinnaclesThe “Pinnacles Desert” is situated about 250 kilometers from the city of Perth and still closer to the fishing town of Cervantes, a former Spanish colony that and just kept the name.

Despite the proximity to civilization, this peculiar desert stone monoliths went virtually unnoticed until late 1960 when it became part of the Nambung National Park.

Over 26 kilometers of coastline, entering into the vast interior sand dunes, we can find thousands of these pinnacles, formed thousands of years by the coral sea beds and eroded by the passage of time when the waters receded site. They come in all shapes and sizes, from small barely a foot from the ground up to the most impressive, up to four meters high.
The best times to visit the desert are at dawn and dusk, when the long shadows seem to dance on the golden sand and pinnacles glow bathed the orange sun, creating a whole a truly unique vision.

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