Ten child is in a coma due to alcohol

07 Jun

The town of Vaslui Zapodeni County, which is located in the eastern part of Romania. Under the bridge, in a coma on the basis of alcohol poisoning, was discovered by a ten-year boy.

Local residents found the child June 4, 2012 and reported to the authorities after he was admitted to the hospital. The child’s father also was found in a state of extreme intoxication, which makes it impossible to ascertain the precise reasons that caused such a sad sequel. Boy’s mother at the moment is outside Romania, it works in one of the EU countries.

The case has caused interference with the Main Directorate of Social Protection and assistance to children, whose representatives have already announced that after treatment, the child in the family will not return. Also, according to people who are familiar with the home life of the family, this fact is not an isolated case. Father and child previously treated liquor to the comments of neighbors and acquaintances he had one answer: “I grow a real man.” Tragically, education “man” for the boy over hospital bed.

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