The worst tsunami in history

Tsunamis are more frequent, occurring mostly in the Pacific Ocean because it is the largest expanse of water worldwide, primarily affecting the Asian coasts, islands of this continent and the West Coast America. The ten most deadly tsunamis have caused throughout history have been: 10. Sanriku, Japan (1933) – 3068 Deaths. On March 3, 1933,… Read more The worst tsunami in history

Explosions MLB Never Occurred

History there have been explosions incredibly strong, both which have been felt hundreds of miles away. Some man-made and others by nature, both land and in the universe. These are the strongest explosions in the history of the modern human is aware:- 10. Disaster at Texas City. A fire discovered by stevedores preparing to lower… Read more Explosions MLB Never Occurred

World most famous speeches in history

11. Bangobondhu Sk.Mujibur Rahman: 7th march Race Course Maidan, Bangobondhu Sk.Mujibur Rahman, father of nation(bangladesh). March 7: History was made The historical event that strengthened the courage of the entire nation was Bangobandhu Sheikh Mujib’s speech at Race Course Maidan. It was March 7, people waited eagerly for the meeting. Freedom beckoned and they were… Read more World most famous speeches in history