Mysterious noctilucent clouds as seen from the International Space Station

Mysterious “night shining” or noctilucent clouds are beautiful to look at, and this stunning image offers an unusual view of these clouds as seen by astronauts aboard the International Space Station. They are also called polar mesosphere clouds, these clouds have baffled scientists with recent dramatic changes. They used to be considered rare, but now the clouds are becoming brighter, are more often visible at lower latitudes and lower than ever, and sometimes they appear during the day. Astronauts may take a sequence of these clouds on June 5, 2012, as seen under. According to NASA is the first sequence of images taken from orbit phenomenon. The sequence in this video was taken while the ISS passed over western Asia. By focusing on the end of the earth at night with the sun illuminating it, the team was able to capture some of these mysterious clouds movements. There is some debate over the cause of noctilucent clouds. Meteor dust, global warming and the rocket exhaust are labeled as taxpayers, but recent research suggests that changes in gas composition of the atmosphere or the temperature has caused the clouds become brighter in time.
Noctilucent clouds are usually seen during the summer, appearing at dusk. These clouds are rolling thin ice that form at very high altitudes, between 76 to 85 kilometers (47 to 53 miles) above Earth’s surface and reflect sunlight long after the sun has dropped below the horizon. Appear both in the Northern Hemisphere and South and delicate clouds appear as faint shining against the dark sky.

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